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Introducing Our New and Improved Buddah Bear 2G Sugar Sauce Premium Disposable Vape Devices. We build each product With Innovative Technology, Honesty, and Responsibility.

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Rated as a Premier cannabis brand in Los Angeles, Buddah Bear offers a wide collection of safe, premium vape pens and more for the ultimate experience. Our premium organic cannabis oil and terpenes are extracted from a single source and enhanced with the same unique terpene profile. The same profile is present in the strain of origin, which allows you to experience the full terpene flavors.

We are designed to elevate your vaping journey to new heights with a perfect balance of potency, purity, and taste. which is why we have become the preferred choice for many vaping connoisseurs.

We produce some of the finest THC vapes in a range of refreshing flavors that are natural and meet all California Standards. These products contain No PG/VG, No Vitamin E, and No MCT/PEG and are made from California’s premium cannabis strains ranging from Indica to Sativa and Hybrid. For your safety, always Scan the QR code on the product and verify it before usage.


Join the Buddah Bear Revolution

The Buddah Bear Brand is dedicated to producing some of the finest cannabis products on the market. Our team of multi-generational farmers, scientists, and cannabis geeks is dedicated to providing clean and accessible cannabis products to everyone at affordable prices.

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100% Leak Proof Design to ensure that each vape pen meets the highest standard of approval.

100% Lab Tested Quality by a third-party lab testing company to confirm safety, quality, and accurate potency.

High and Pure Potency with premium natural ingredients by utilizing advanced extraction techniques.

Our Products

Our premium lineup of THC premium products offer a truly premium experience like no other. Explore our collection of Cartridges, Disposables, and more.

Vape Cartridges

From plant to puff, experience the natural potency of our premium Cat 3 distillate cartridges. Made with exceptional quality and available in a wide variety of unforgettable flavors.

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Disposable Vapes

Redefining the Standard for On-the-Go Vaping with our Disposable Bars and Sugar Sauce Premium Disposables. Experience the ultimate in convenience, flavor, and quality, all wrapped up in one sleek package. Enjoy a clean, potent vape every time, thanks to our commitment to using only the finest ingredients.

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Diamond Sauce

Transform Every Session into a Luxurious Experience with the Rich, Unmatched Potency of our Diamond Sauce. Each Diamond Sauce concentrate is 1.1 grams in premium glass packaging and available in multiple strains.

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Step Beyond the Ordinary with our Shatter, Where Superior Potency and Flavor Await Your Discovery.

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Live Resin Badder

Explore the Pinnacle of Cannabis Concentrates with our Live Resin Badder, a Harmony of Flavor and Potency.

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Journey into the Essence of Cannabis with our Crumble, Precision-Engineered for Optimal Purity and Strength

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Lil’ Lit Stix Pre-rolls

Experience the Zen of Perfect Pre-rolls with our Lil’ Lit Stix, Where Excellence is Rolled into Every Moment. Each pre-roll is filled with our premium, organically grown cannabis, providing a smooth, flavorful smoke that’s both potent and consistent.

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Moon Rocks

Our Moon Rocks redefines what it means to have a potent cannabis experience. Specially formulated for an optimal high, our Moon Rocks are tested to ensure peak potency and effects.

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Premium Exotic Flower

Experience the unrivaled quality of our Premium Exotic Organic Flower, top-shelf cannabis cultivated in California. Each bud is carefully selected for its unique flavor profile and potent effects, promising a luxurious smoking experience.

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Each Buddah Bear Mini Palm battery has a 1000 mAh capacity that can last up to 4 times longer than a standard 510 threaded battery. This battery is very portable(lightweight) and rechargeable via USB. Order for delivery today.

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Buddah Bear Vape Flavors

When it comes to flavor, we do not disappoint. With over 30+ cannabis strains, we offer a wide range of delicious and enticing THC flavors that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Whether you prefer sweet and fruity flavors or more earthy and herbal notes, we have something for you.

Disposable Vapes Flavors

Vape Cartridges Flavors

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Buddah Bear is a real cannabis brand and you are currently on our official website(https://buddahbearcarts.co/)

Always scan and verify our products for authenticity before usage.

Yes, our products are safe to consume when used responsibly; however, it’s always important to follow product instructions and to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about consuming cannabis-based products.

Always scan and verify the product for authenticity before usage.

Always Scan and verify the QR Code on the back of our products before usage.

Our official website https://buddahbearcarts.co/ is the safest place to order real Buddah Bear products online. There are a lot of fake dealers and copycats trying to sell fake products.

You are currently on Buddah Bear’s Official website (https://buddahbearcarts.co/), where you can buy Buddah Bear products online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

The effects of THC differ for each person, and your experience may not match others’. Since these vapes contain THC, their effects should align with those of other THC products you’ve used. If unsure about THC’s impact on you, seeking advice from an experienced user can help set your expectations or read more on the usage and dosage.

No, our products are lab-tested to ensure delivery of the highest-quality products to consumers. We never had a pesticide issue, we have a counterfeiting issue.

No, Buddah Bear Vape products have ZERO nicotine in them


What our customers have to say about us

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If you’re looking to try something different and unique, give Buddah Bear Carts a shot. You won’t be disappointed – highly recommend it to anyone in search of excellent vape products.

I’m so impressed with their products. The taste and experience of Buddah Bear Disposables are like nothing else I’ve ever had before – it’s really taken my vaping experience to the next level!

Buddah Bear Concentrates such as their Crumble, Badder, and Shatter deliver a smooth, tasty, and intense flavor that sets them apart from other cannabis concentrates. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer nuances of freshly-grown buds!

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